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Feb 19, 2011 7:00pm EST
about why they think that is important to do. >> one other note on that, president obama met with the chinese president when he was here recently. they discussed intellectual property enforcement. the president received a small concession, which was that the chinese government would take care to avoid purchasing pirated software -- software. what can be done to convey the importance of this issue? >> that is -- it time actually does that, we will wait and see, it would be a good first step. if you are imposing that ethic on the people who are charged with enforcing the laws in china, then they might have a greater appreciation for the rampant amount of piracy taking place in china, far worse than any other country in the world. recently, the ceo of microsoft came and talked to me and a few others, and said that comparing china to russia, which has a bad reputation itself, they believe that the rate -- china is much more populous -- the rate of internet that based upon the number of computers in china is six times as great in china as in russia. worldwide, the piracy that is t
Feb 5, 2011 7:00pm EST
strategist and former republican national committee director talked about president obama's reelection efforts and senators who could be in danger of losing their seats in 2012. after that, a presidential historian marks the 100th birthday of ronald reagan and talks about the legacy of the nation's 40th president, plus your e-mail and phone calls. that is live sunday at 7:00 a.m. eastern, here on c-span. >> this weekend, on c-span3, we will visit the old naval observatory, which operated until 1893 in washington, d.c. we will look at the fugitive slave laws of 1850 and held indirectly resulted in the expansion of the underground railroad, and a look at the political cartoons of the civil war. experience in american history tv on c-span3, all weekend, every weekend. for a complete schedule, go to >> mr. president, it is my great honor today to speak on the floor for the first time as a u.s. senator. >> the new class has been giving their first speeches on the senate floor. follow their appearance is on line with congressional chronicle. track time lines, read the tra
Feb 12, 2011 7:00pm EST
charge above all is to save lives. as long as president obama and i are on e job we will never take the american people's trust lightly. for their safety for granted. and i said over and over when it comes to safety we will not take a back seat to anyone. in service of this commitment and that congress' request, we tudies into unintendedted acceleration in toyota automobiles, and in america's fleet of cars over all. we asked a straightforward question, can automotive electronic systems possibly cause unintended acceleration. one study, the national academy of sciences exploration of unintended acceleration across america's fleet continues. the other study, our partnership with masses, engineering and safety center has now come to a close. toy, we can say clearly and affirmatively that nhtsa, america's traffic safety organization, was right all along. as we stated last year, there are only two real world causes of high-speed unintended acceleration in toyota's. first, some toyota formats and trap drivers gas pedal while their vehicles were in motion. second, so-called sticky petals m
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3